Welcome to Demo Day 2020

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Demo Day Partners

Demo Day Program

  • 3:00 PM CEST
  • Katapult Accelerator Batch 5 startup pitches

Q&A Sessions Program

4:00 PM CEST
30 min intimate Q&A parallel sessions with

Production of cost-effective smart sensors for municipal waste pickup.

IT platform that enables companies with field operations to increase operational efficiency.

Empowering you to buy the best food products for YOU, the planet, & your budget.

Delivers and operates advance charging systems for chargeable vehicles.

4:30 PM CEST
30 min intimate Q&A parallel sessions with

Makes Healthcare information accessible and secure, and aggregates Big Data into Healthcare BI, allowing for early detection of epidemic and endemic diseases.

Enabling circular construction by providing a marketplace matching the demand for new construction projects with the supply of reclaimed and circular construction materials.

Online platform enabling seniors over 50 years old to offer their services directly to any person or company, allowing them to generate additional income and reconnect with society.

Designed to be your female healthcare companion for life. The #1 Virtual Health Service for Endometriosis.

5:00 PM CEST
30 min intimate Q&A parallel sessions with

Provides AI-powered security from space by fusing satellite images with AI to prevent power outages and fires sparked by falling trees and storms.

A software as a service for recruitment, automating the screening process and minimize bias in hiring decisions.

Creating digital re-commerce tools that match supply and demand in the secondhand sector perfectly to extend the lifetime of clothing

Lead Mentor support in Q&A sessions by

David Alvo

Social Entrepreneur

Didrik Dimmen

CRO, reMarkable

Manuel Heckmann

Co-Founder & COO, EcoG

Sebastian Fittko

Founding Partner, katapult:NOW

Thomas Schindler

CEO/Founder, delodi

What is Katapult Accelerator Demo Day?

At Katapult we believe in business as a force for good, technology as a key driver for change, and in the untapped talent of the world.


That’s why we’re passionate about helping mission-driven founders succeed, and support them as they build the world we want to live in.


We do so through investing in and running an accelerator program for impact startups, and at the end of every program we host a Demo Day.


This year, we are excited to host our first online Demo Day, where attendees from all over the world can join us to learn more about the Katapult Accelerator Batch 5 companies and their solutions of tomorrow.


We are proud to present 11 inspiring impact startups, who were selected from a pipeline of almost 2000 companies. The companies are solving real challenges within health, equality, sustainable consumption, circular economy, and smart cities.

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