Katapult Accelerator Welcomes 11 Global Impact-tech Startups To Its Fourth Cohort

OSLO, Norway – March 25, 2019 –  Katapult Accelerator (KA), the leading global impact-tech accelerator program focusing on scaling companies within the environmental and societal domains, has announced the 11 startups participating in their latest cohort.

These impact-driven startups will immediately gain access to Katapult’s wide mentor network of successful entrepreneurs and investors. Aligning their mission with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, each company will now be nurtured in an environment of opportunities and introduced to an ecosystem to enhance its business model and scale.


Adding to Katapult’s diverse portfolio, which now comprises of 46 companies from 25 countries, the team at Katapult Accelerator screened through more than 1800 companies from 98 countries for this cohort alone.


Accelerating The Future


For the next three months leading up to early June, each of the companies will participate in a tailor-made, hands-on program that will aim to scale their businesses and ensure they are investor-ready. Aside from the focus on solving environmental or societal challenges, in order to have been chosen for the program companies must at least have had market validation, a complementary full-time team, using technology to scale and be looking to raise a seed round post-program.


Katapult Accelerator invests up to USD 150,000 in each startup for an equity stake.


“Our program shows that generating financial returns and making a positive impact can go hand in hand. We are looking forward to supporting these amazing founders to scale their businesses and create measurable impact on a global level,” says Haakon Brunell, Managing Partner and co-Founder of Katapult Accelerator.


This group will be the fourth batch to partake in the accelerator program since its inception in the fall of 2017. Since then, more than 65% of the accelerator ́s portfolio of companies have gone on to receive funding post-program.


Global Impact Trailblazers


“Katapult played a transformational role in Esusu’s startup journey. The combination of fast-paced learning, intensive goal setting, and the exceptional people we were surrounded by empowered us to accelerate our growth and prepare the company for scale,” says Samir Goel, co-Founder of Esusu, a fintech startup that was part of the accelerator ́s last cohort, aimed at changing the way consumers save money, transforming the credit scoring system, while offering a one-stop digital financial solution to the underserved immigrant, low-income and minority communities.


The Katapult experience helped us improve our sales process, enter new markets, and think critically about our product roadmap. Without Katapult, Esusu would not be where it is today,” added Wemimo Abbey, Esusu´s other co-Founder.


By the end of the program, companies selected will have polished their vision, business models, impact orientation, technology application, growth marketing and be ready to fundraise.


Katapult Accelerator’s broad partner network includes Amazon Web Services, IBM, Google, and Microsoft along with recent partnerships focused on post-program scaling in the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


About Katapult Accelerator

Katapult Accelerator is a global accelerator based in Oslo, Norway that aims to fast-track solutions to global problems within both environmental and societal domains. It supports startups that can address these problems with exponential technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and applications of the internet of things. http://katapultaccelerator.com.


Media Inquiries:

Lavanya Indralingam | Communications & Operations Manager, Katapult Accelerator

+47 925 64 866 | lavanya@katapultaccelerator.com


Meet The Startups



Beringar is an IoT and Machine Learning company that collects six dimensions of data to help understand real estate use patterns via a dedicated dashboard and API solution.


Burn to Give

Burn to Give is a platform that converts calories burned exercising into life-saving nutrition for children in need through cutting-edge technology to create exponential impact and solve two global problems: obesity and malnutrition.


Develop Diverse

Develop Diverse is an AI-based, easy-to-use tech platform to enable companies detect and replace socially stereotypic (biased) words and media content in their internal and external communication.



Deversify develops non-invasive mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individual health and chronic diseases that enables everyday people to better understand their health.



MuniDigital helps municipalities to cut costs, improve the management of their budgets, and foster new forms of civic engagement through a web, mobile and IOT cloud solution.


Processim Labs

Processim Labs is transforming smartphones into pocket simulators that college professors can use as powerful and convenient teaching games.


Red Flash Mobile

Red Flash helps municipalities by offering them digitized solutions for local tax and revenue collection which increases transparency and supports the financial inclusion of people in the informal sector.


Science Addiction


Science Addiction is an ed-tech company that creates immersive and engaging content for everyday people who seek to improve their knowledge within the STEM field.


Sela Labs


Sela is an enterprise tool for de-risking development investment in emerging markets by reducing traditional barriers of entry for capital by better enabling transparency, measurement, and community engagement across all stakeholders involved.



Sensefinity is an IoT and blockchain company for the perishable goods supply chain sector that orchestrates their constraints and routes autonomously to mitigate spoilage and wastage.




Walkolution produces manual noiseless walking treadmills for the modern workplace, enabling office users to walk while working, thereby enhancing human performance and countering the health risks associated with a lack of movement.