Request for Startups

We believe in making a positive impact. We believe in technology as the key driver for change. We believe in the untapped talent of the world. We are the Katapult Accelerator and we´re looking for brave founders who believe in the same mission to join us.


Making a positive impact in the world and building great business opportunities are part of our mission. We do not feel these two concepts are mutually exclusive and, in fact, together they form an incredibly powerful union. So, we want to support companies that do good but also generate significant financial value. This union allows these companies to be more sustainable, expand their reach, and attract investor capital.


There is no shortage of talent out there but in many cases, they lack the proper support needed to bring their dreams to life. So, we’re creating the ultimate platform to turn the passion of talented founders like you into something great. We know founders can learn more effectively with proper mentorship and deep access to industry experts, and they need the right software tools to grow. We also know this talent lies in every corner of the globe, so we’re agnostic about where you call home.


We are fueled and inspired by our deep belief in exponential technology, such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain, which are creating a paradigm shift in the way society will operate in the future. They allow startups to scale faster and to a new degree never before possible while solving global problems.


Build the world you want to live in at the Katapult Accelerator. Apply today!

What to Expect

  • 3-Month fast paced, hands on program to help scale your business
  • Access to a global network of leading thematic mentors
  • Dedicated expertise to unleash potential of AI in your business
  • Investment into your company as part of the accelerator program
  • Access to further capital and investors to support your company


Program Details

Applications are due by May 21st, 2018, and the program will start in August 2018, in Oslo, Norway. You’ll receive up to $150,000 USD investment into your company as part of the program in exchange for 8% equity. There is a $50K program fee that will be deducted from your investment. So you receive $100K net. The program runs for 3 months with selected companies having the opportunity to do a 1 month follow-up program in NY.

Why Oslo, Norway?

Oslo is the fastest growing European city and the ideal launchpad for your impact-focused business. Here, you can tap into a highly educated population with extensive capital and expertise in global issues. This is in addition to the high-quality international mentors, who will fly in to meet you in Oslo. Perhaps most importantly, Norway is a country based on trust. This is one of the Katapult Accelerator’s most important values and we know you’ll feel that sense of trust the moment you hit the ground here.


Our Focus


Environmental Domains

We are looking for companies that want to do good in the world. This includes having a positive impact on the world itself. This world is the only one we have (for now) so it’s important that we start doing a better job of taking care of it and helping it scale to support its many growing populations. And there is enormous business potential in doing so. We’ll bring in experts and provide tools from the areas listed below to support you.

Clean Energy

The world runs on energy but the supply of carbon and unclean energy is the largest threat to our planet’s climate, and access to energy is not equally distributed across the globe. Further, even though we are in a global transition with net added capacity rapidly expanding and overtaking fossil energy sources, this transition needs to speed up. We want to support companies doing this, either through renewable energy production, which is a better way to extend the world’s energy capacity while also reducing pollution, or through distribution and storage.

Resource Efficiency

Many critical resources in the world are in short supply or they are not evenly accessible to all. So, we’re looking for companies that are helping to extend the capacity of resources to reach more people. Examples include extending battery life, developing resource-efficient transportation, stretching the lifespan of products and creating new materials that provide longer usage.

Smart Cities

We don’t know what the city of tomorrow will look like, but we’re eager to find out. Thus, we are looking for startups working to improve our cities and their inhabitants. This might include solutions for mobility, big data analysis, and city-level yield management.

Circular Economy

Today, most economies are rather inefficient and generate large amounts of waste. We know that in many sectors there are better solutions for reusing products and improving sustainability. For example, there are solutions that allow you to resell used clothes or rethink the way consumers own and use products. In general, we are looking for companies that are focused on the end-to-end lifespan of their products and services and reducing waste throughout the process.

Ocean and Land Use

Our ocean is big and we know so little about it today. At the same time, the land areas of the Earth need some serious love. So, we’re looking for solutions that help both. We also know there is massive untapped potential in both areas. Can seaweed be a new sustainable form of food? Can we map the ocean better since 90% is still unexplored? Are there microorganisms that eat plastic, which could reduce our ocean pollution issues? If you’re answering questions like this, we want to hear from you.

Societal Domains

We also want to improve the way modern societies operate while improving the quality of the life for all. We know technology can be a major driver for change here.

Food and Water

Societies can’t thrive without proper access to food and water. Throughout the world there are many challenges in these areas. So, we’re looking for companies solving these challenges for both emerging and established societies. This might include new ways for a community to manage water or new forms of food and how both are distributed to people.


Knowledge is power and we want to help empower millions by making education more accessible. Solutions might include new ways to deliver educational content online or help young bright minds learn how to code.


Imagine the positive impact of just slightly increasing life expectancy and access to health care around the world. At the same time, imagine empowering individuals to better understand their own health and make better decisions to improve their quality of life. This includes new ways to self-diagnose and measure your own health, using an app, for example. It may also include new types of medical technology in biotech, nanotech, and more.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Democracy

We believe that diversity and diverse teams always win. However, today many women and minorities are struggling to get the access and support they need to succeed. We want to level the playing field to make our world more inclusive. Today’s modern political landscape is also rapidly changing, so new solutions need to be developed to ensure democracy and fair processes are available to all. Specifically, this might include access to education, funding platforms, free speech solutions, and new voting technologies and includes human rights improvements for these vital but substantially underserved groups.

Thriving Communities and Collaboration

Our final societal impact area is a broad one focused on helping communities thrive and collaborate better. This might include sharing economy elements and crowdsourcing platforms. At the same time, we are looking for solutions that may help to change the mindsets of communities to encourage them to collaborate more.

Exponential Technologies

We believe the new exponential technologies available today can help impact-focused companies reach new heights faster than ever before. So, we’re looking for companies already leveraging these technologies or companies interested in incorporating one or more of these technologies into an existing product. We’ll bring in experts and provide tools from the areas below to support you


We want to help companies unleash the power of AI and we have industry experts available to show you how. You don’t have to be an AI-powered company today, but it helps if you’re open to learning how AI technology can help your business.


Blockchain technology has many applications outside of the financial services industry. This includes voting, smart contracts, proof of ownership, and much more. Our experts will show you how to integrate these technologies into your business and how to navigate the complex landscape of solutions.


Technologies like VR and AR allow you to see the world with a new lens. They also allow you to visualize and virtually experience new places like never before, and they have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact socially. Our team has extensive experience with these new technologies and a large network within the VR/AR industry.


There are now over 6.4 billion IoT connected devices in the world. So, there is almost one such device for every human on Earth. This number is expected to grow to over 20 billion by 2020. Hence, there are lots of opportunities to leverage these devices or create new ones in the market. Our team and mentors include experts in IoT and the big data analysis needed to make the most of such devices.

Ready to make a positive impact on the world? Apply today.