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We believe in making a positive impact. We believe in technology as the key driver for change. We believe in the untapped talent of the world.

Applications for Batch 3 (August 2018) are open:

Read the request for startups to learn about the type of companies we’re looking for.

"Congratulations, your Demo Day was by far the best event I had ever seen in Norway. The quality of startups was the best at ANY accelerator program I had ever seen!"

Christian Jantzen
Founding Partner

“Just wanted to say to the whole team - thanks a lot for inviting Norrsken to the event! It was a fantastic event. This was the most efficient sourcing event I have ever attended. The quality and relevance of the start-ups on the stage was mind blowing! It clearly shows how much value you add to these companies. I look forward to speaking further with many of them.”

Agate Freimane
Norrsken Foundation

Meet the Companies

Our Focus

We are fueled and inspired by our deep belief in exponential technology. We believe these technologies such as AI and Blockchain can help impact focused startups scale faster while solving real global problems.

Environmental Domains

  • Clean Energy
  • Resource Efficency
  • Smart Cities
  • Circular Economy
  • Ocean & Land Use

Societal Domains

  • Food & Water
  • Education
  • Health
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Democracy
  • Thriving Societies & Collaboration

Exponential Technologies

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • VR/AR
  • IoT


The details

Batch 2: Feb 20th-May 14th 2018

Batch 3: Starts August 2018

What we offer

  • 3-month fast paced, hands on program to help scale your business
  • Access to a global network of leading thematic mentors
  • Dedicated expertise to unleash potential of AI in your business
  • Investment into your company as part of the accelerator program
  • Access to further capital and investors to support your company
  • Apply Now

Team and mentors

  • Tharald Nustad
  • Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Anders H. Lier
  • Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Haakon Brunell
  • Managing Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Sean Percival
  • Operating Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Per Martin Storvik
  • Investment & Tech Director, Katapult Accelerator
  • Nina Heir
  • Program Manager, Katapult Accelerator
  • Belawal Khan
  • Investment Analyst, Katapult Accelerator
  • Lavanya Indralingam
  • Operations Manager, Katapult Accelerator
  • Sagar Chandna
  • CTO, Katapult Accelerator
  • Murat Aktihanoglu
  • Mentor, Director ERA
  • Anita Schjøll Brede
  • Advisor, AI Expert & CEO of IrisAI
  • Håkon Wium Lie
  • Mentor, Opera Software and Inventor of CSS
  • Aurore Belfrage
  • Mentor, Parner EQT Ventures
  • Jonathan Axelrod
  • Mentor, Director ERA
  • Marcus Hølland Eikeland
  • Advisor and Scout, Katapult Accelerator
  • Micah Baldwin
  • Mentor, Amazon
  • Johan Brand
  • Advisor, Founder Kahoot!
  • Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja
  • Strategic Advisor Partnerships, DNB
  • Fredrik Næss Thomassen
  • Mentor, CEO of Konsus
  • Barbara Hueppe
  • Mentor, Gelato and Mozilla
  • Sebastian Fitko
  • Mentor, innogy Innovation Hub
  • Trond Riiber Knudsen
  • Founder TRK Group, Seed Investor
  • Erik Bertrand Larssen
  • Mentor, International Best Selling Author & Mental Trainer
  • Paul Herz
  • Manufacturing and Operations, Facebook and Apple
  • Diana Biggs
  • Mentor, Blockchain Expert
  • Tristan Pollock
  • Mentor, Partner 500 Startups
  • Rajeev Kapoor
  • Mentor, Health and Big Data Expert
  • Hanne-Torill Mevik
  • Mentor, AI Ninja & Data Scientist at Bakken & Bæck
  • David Sønstebø
  • Mentor, Blockchain Expert
  • Eric Osiakwan
  • Mentor, Entrepreneur, Investor & Managing Partner of Chanzo Capital
  • Ida Faldbakken
  • Leader, Katapult Future Fest
  • Yiying Lu
  • Design Mentor, Creative Director 500 Startups
  • Isabell Ringnes
  • Mentor, co-Founder of TENK
  • Maria Amelie
  • Mentor, Journalist
  • Laura N. Montoya
  • Mentor, AI Expert
  • Pål Brun
  • Mentor, Cleantech Expert
  • Andreas Thorsheim
  • Advisor, Solar & CEO Otovo
  • Thomas Berglund
  • Mentor, Angel Challenge
  • Marie Mostad
  • Mentor, Founder Inzpire.me
  • Anders G. Frøseth
  • Science/Technology Expert, Investor
  • Matt Ellsworth
  • Mentor, Growth Partner 500 Startups
  • Lars Johan Bjørkevoll
  • Mentor, Chief Growth Officer Xeneta
  • Thomas Schindler
  • Mentor, Founder at delodi
  • Heath Arensen
  • Mentor, Director iHub Nairobi
  • Mohsin M. Siddique
  • Mentor, Strategy Development
  • Martine Kveim
  • Mentor, Founder Young Happy Minds
  • Lars Selsås
  • Mentor, AI / ML Expert & CEO of Boost.ai
  • Mike Klyszeiko
  • Mentor, Founder Launchpad USA & Partner Nordic VP
  • Christine Spiten
  • Co-Founder, Blueye Robotics
  • Ellie Dobson
  • Mentor, Head of Data Science Arundo
  • Jeanne Sullivan
  • Mentor, Founder StarVest Partners & Sullivan Adventures
  • Håkon Grøthe
  • Mentor, VR Expert & Founder of Impact Reality
  • Ivar Line
  • Mentor, Voice Biometrics and CEO at My Voice AI
  • Kim Ydse Krogstad
  • Mentor, Managing Director at Making Waves
  • Alexander Hagerup
  • Mentor, Founder Vic.ai & Norwegian.ai
  • Dr. Radhika Dirks
  • Advisor, AI expert, Partner at Xlabs.ai
  • Mai Thuong Tran
  • Mentor, Data Scientist and Big Data Application Architect at IBM
  • Knut Dyremyhr
  • Mentor, Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Erick Miller
  • Mentor, Investor & Founder / MD at Hyperspeed Ventures
  • Khee Lee
  • Mentor, Founding Partner at LH2 Ventures
  • Federico Lozano
  • Mentor, Design thinking guru & Founder Pracademy
  • Philip M. Neches
  • Mentor, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator & Founder Teradata
  • Neda Nordin
  • Mentor, Agri-tech & Sustainability Expert, Innovation Management Specialist
  • David Berkowitz
  • Mentor, Marketing Strategy expert
  • Rumman Chowdhury
  • Mentor, AI Expert, Senior Manager, Accenture AI & CTO Accel.AI
  • Don Burton
  • Mentor, Edtech Innovation Expert, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of EDGE Edtech
  • Casey Fenton
  • Founder, Couchsurfing & Mast.ly
  • Toni Lane Casserly
  • Mentor, Blockchain Wizard & Partner of BitNation
  • Alex Grechanowski
  • Mentor, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Specialist & growth mentor at Start-Up Chile & Buildit
  • Nichol Bradford
  • Mentor, CEO Willow Group and Exec.Dir. of Transformative Technology Lab @Sofia Uni
  • Neil S.W. Murray
  • Mentor, Angel Investor & Founder of The Nordic Web
  • Ivan R. Shumkov
  • Mentor, CEO & Founder of Build Academy
  • Karianne Melleby
  • Advisor, Head of Strategic Partnerships at DNB
  • Rolf Kragerud
  • Mentor, Digital strategy and Business Development expert, Investor and Board Member
  • Marie Nielsen
  • Mentor, Founder of Penda Manufacturing Ethiopia and co-founder of McKinsey Ethiopia office
  • Øyvind Lundgreen
  • Mentor, Internationalization and Global Partnerships, Managing director of blinck.
  • Karl Munthe-Kaas
  • Mentor, Founder Nabobil.no and founder & CEO Kolonial.no
  • Ole Martin Kristiansen
  • Mentor, Design Lead at Bakken & Bæck
  • Olivier Chatry
  • Mentor, Chief Software Architect at Xvision
  • Robyn Scott
  • Mentor, CEO and Co-founder, Apolitical
  • Bjarne Mellbye
  • Mentor, Startup Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Anne Worsøe
  • Mentor, Angel Investor & Portfolio Manager at Bakken & Bæck
  • Cathrine Movold
  • Mentor, Digital Product and Service Innovation Specialist
  • Saji Prelis
  • Mentor, Director, Children and Youth Programmes at Search for Common Grounds
  • Mats Herding
  • Mentor, Chief Design Officer, reMarkable
  • Sophie Bailey
  • Mentor, Founder, The Edtech Podcast
  • Andrea Nylund
  • Mentor, Co-Founder, Causetap
  • Francis Stevens George
  • Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author, MD GEN Sierra Leone, CEO Innovation Sierra Leone
  • Magnus Grimeland
  • Mentor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Antler
  • Ylva Lindberg
  • Mentor, Founder & Partner, SIGLA
  • Sandira Calviac
  • Mentor, Investor, Circular Economy, CivicTech and Crossborder Specialist
  • Francis D'Silva
  • Mentor, Global Digital Health Expert
  • Aleksander Nyquist Langmyhr
  • Advisor, CEO Dimension10
  • Thor Rieber-Mohn
  • Mentor, financing wiz, IT entrepreneur, advisor, board member & investor
  • Steinar Svalesen
  • Mentor, Angel Investor, Tech-optimist, Director at Beringer Finance
  • Daniel Maskit
  • Mentor, Expert in Systems Thinking, Non-Linear Abstraction, and Design for Usability
  • Baber Qazi
  • Mentor, Associate Partner at McKinsey
  • Rob Wirszycz
  • Mento, Chairman, Advisor & Investor
  • Chisom Udeze
  • Mentor, Strategist, West African Markets & Founder of Mettle Consult
  • Jon Ramvi
  • Mentor, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Expert
  • Marie Eriksson
  • Mentor, Impact Investor and community builder
  • Andrew Lockley
  • Mentor, Investor, Commercialisation & Crowdfunding
  • Christopher Pruijsen
  • Mentor, Product Management & Founder of Homies.io
  • Luis Betancourt
  • Mentor, Digital Marketing Consultant, Advisor & Speaker
  • Ben Siegel
  • Mentor, Blockchain for Social Impact Policy Manager @ ConsenSys
  • Gokce Gizer
  • Mentor, Pitch Coach & Presentation Wizard
  • Mohsen Ashraf
  • Mentor, Silicon Valley Executive and Venture Capitalist
  • Stefan Lageri-Schmidt Jensen
  • Mentor, International sales manager at 3E, Business development, software and resource efficiency
  • Olav Sylthe
  • Mentor, Serial entrepreneur, B2B Enterprise and Mobile expertise
  • Kjartan Slette
  • Mentor, Co-Founder and COO at Unacast
  • Kim-André Nordby
  • Mentor, Head of Nestlé Africa & Asia, Global Retail and Route to Market Expert
  • Lone Jensen
  • Mentor, Impact & Partnerships @StartupWiseGuys
  • Dennis Keller
  • Mentor, Entrepreneur, Telco & Advisory
  • Cilia Holmes Indahl
  • Mentor, Sustainable Business Model Expert & Sustainability Director at Aker BioMarine
  • Vince Meens
  • Mentor, Blockchain Guru
  • Will Klippgen
  • Mentor, Angel Investor, Founder of Zoomit.com & Managing Partner in Cocoon Capital

Our partner

ERA is New York’s leading startup accelerator with 127 investments since 2011 through its accelerator and seed fund, leveraging its network of more than 350 mentors and dozens of industry partners. ERA has also worked with the Norwegian Government to run the Norwegian New York Accelerator since 2016. ERA has now partnered with Katapult, using its expertise to help Katapult companies expand and succeed in the US and around the world.

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